Character and Servant-hood

Building children into leaders is a task all parents should undertake. Even if your child does not want to be a leader they will still possess the qualities that make them a genuinely better person.

There are many different characteristics that one must possess in order to be a leader. Here are a couple of very important ones. Parents can begin to help their children with these on a daily basis.

People tend to gravitate toward and follow a genuine person/leader. If people suspect a person to be fake they will no longer follow them. That's why as a parent you should begin to build your children's character.

Teach your children what qualities a person with good character possesses – a strong work ethic, honesty, responsibility, self-discipline, kindness, tolerance, and respect for others.

Children need to learn that being a leader does not always mean “being the boss” and “giving orders to everyone”.

Teach your children that a true leader does not do things to help themselves or expand their ego, but instead they lead in order to help others. That is what it is all about!

Help your children understand these two important qualities; they will help build a foundation for more leadership qualities and make your child a happier, more successful person.

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